Do you shoot newborns? -No it's just a preference thing. I love babies. I just don't shoot them ;)

Do you shoot weddings?- Yes But I'm picky about the ones I shoot. They have to be colorful and different. If you fit that bill please lets work togther its destiny! I charge 5,000.00 for a wedding and you get me all day along with the edited digitals.

How much is a styled product shoot- 500.00 but can vary depending on whats needed to give you the best most creative shots in the industry.

How much do you charge for original content blog posts- 500.00-1,000.00 Depending on the work that is needed.

Do you Travel? I love to travel. Send me an email through  the contact sheet. I'd love to work with you. I do travel to Utah Idaho and California Quite a bit. so if you need me to shoot in these states I'm sure we can work something out.

What happens if its raining on the day of our outdoor shoot? I will email you within 5 hours of the shoot and we will rescehdule based on what your scedule is.