Giant Balloon Engagements

I love me some color and when Miss Becky agreed to giant colourful balloons I was so excited. Heres a couple of my favourite images from their session. it's still one of my very favorites.

giant balloon engagement photoshoot
engagement session balloons
becky edited-51.jpg
giant balloon session
giant balloonengagement session breejohnsonphoto
giant balloon engagement shoot
giant balloon wedding session
giant balloon session
giant colourful balloon photoshoot seniors
giant balloon family session
giant balloon child session

LDS Baptism Pizza Party

My boys turned 8 a couple weeks ago and when they turn 8 in the mormon LDS church we baptize them and then usually have a party afterward. I had a hard time finding cool boys baptism ideas in something not too cheesy, so I approached shutterfly with the idea of showing a couple cool things you could do with photos to personalize the day in a cool modern way for boys. I started with a photoshoot of my boys. I shot them on my plain white walls with their outfits as I wanted it to look really modern and clean with their faces being the focus. I got pics of them interacting and not looking right at the camera to tell a better story. I also took pics of their shoes and ties to get the full feeling. These were formed into a collage on picmonkey  as a square with the bottom being plain white as the Shutterfly template needed  a rectangle to make one photo then I uploaded to shutterfly and printed into the invitation.

The first thing I did was download the new Shutterfly app. It's available for android and for I phone and is epic! I had this idea of making a giant 8 on my wall behind the desert table, and I wanted to make it out of photos of my boys since the time they were born. This app made my life so much easier because I could just upload Facebook and Instgram photos to the app and I didn't have to upload 8,000 pictures from my external hard drives. SUCH a time saver. The other cool thing was that they printed square. I wanted this because it was more modern and current and easier to layer to make the 8 than rectangles. I rolled out yellow wrapping paper on the wall and drew an 8 with pencil then started taping them around my pencil line and layered it to make my giant 8. My guests loved this, and it was a great way to honor family and friends who had been there for us with the boys.

The second cool thing I did was make two easel mounted art plaques with my boys favourite scriptures on them, I then added a photo of them in their church clothes. These were great because I used them on the table at the church as everyone entered and took them home for the food table. For food we bought a party sub from subway with just the meat cheeses and lettuce- condiments on the side, 3 subway cookie platters and had 10 pizzas delivered. The pizzas I put together to look like 8's. PEOPLE LOVED THIS!.  This was the best decision ever! I did zero cooking and enjoyed my boys day so so much more. and for about 250.00 it would've cost that much buying things at costco. I didn't even buy cups I got pop, water bottles, and juice boxes and had them in bins for everyone. My boys loved this! 

Their square invitation from tiny prints was one of my favourite things because  it highlighted the photography and was super clean to show off their sweet faces. I used this template from tiny prints and added in a collage I made on picmonkey so when you upload it it looks like a collage but its only one photo.

I wrapped their scriptures in cute black and white custom wrapping paper from tiny prints that said love the johnsons, I love that I can use it later as well. Its neutral enough for any occasion. All in all it was so simple, easy and intimate and I felt so relaxed and close to my boys. Just the way it should be. Thanks to shutterfly and Tiny prints for making this such a wonderful day for my family.- Love Miss Bree